As a non-profit initiative, ALL proceeds of this zine will go towards our partner, GlobalGiving's Covid Relief Fund, and the Equal Justice Initiative in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. As we know what times we are living in, the Covid Relief Fund will use our donations to send essential items and healthcare to those most impacted (older individuals, refugees, low-income groups), provide front-line responders and medical supplies, and so much more for those most in need. EJI, on the other hand, protects basic human rights in a world where unfortunate injustices still stand for marginalized communities. They are changing the narrative about race through justice reform and education, and giving support to those who are wronged by the system.
We are passionate that these causes are extremely worthwhile, please support us in our effort to change the world.


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Class Of 2O2O: The Zine

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This Zine of 76 pages involves almost 100 youths and their works and ideas. We wanted to create a platform for them to tell their stories, and recognize their journeys, be it through a 'creative' medium, or not. Over the last few months, we have put our minds together to create this zine as a show of digital and emotional solidarity during a time of isolation. This entire project has been done almost completely online (with the exception of some photoshoots done in safe areas), which really prove what our generation can do when we put our minds to it. Uniting with one another regardless of our coordinates has always been the goal of this project, creating a space like home within the confines of our literal homes.

We hope you like this zine as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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